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How to find your ring size

Your eyes on a new ring? It does need you to know your ring size, which isn't always easy. You might know your size in a different measurement or just have some rings that fit, but no clue which size they are. No worries, let me help you out!

At the bottom of this article you can find a ring sizing chart that easily shows your size in all different measurements. But let's start by telling you how to find your size at all.

What is my ring size?

In my shop I use the easiest measurement of them all: the size is the diameter of the ring in mm. You can discover your size in different ways:

Use a ring sizer

With a ring sizing tool you can easily measure the exact size you need. Slide the tool on your finger, pull it tight and see what your size is! Buy one here for only â‚Ŧ1,- 

Measuring a fitting ring

The easiest way to get to know your ring size is to measure a ring that already fits. Put the ring down on a ruler or measuring tape and read the inner diameter. That numer in mm is your ring size!

Measuring the circumfence of your finger

Another option is to measure the circumfence of your finger. This is easiest done with a piece of paper or a piece of rope. Twist this around your finger and measure the length of the piece. Find the according ring size in the chart below.

Your ring size in different measurements

As I meantioned before, different shops work with different sizes. In the chart below you can find all sizes and their according measurements. The left (first) column is the sizing I use in my shop.

(Diameter in mm)
(in mm)
US size UK size
15 47 4 H
15,25 48 4,5 I
15,5 49 4,75 J
15,75 49,5 5 K
16 50,5 5,25 L
16,25 51 5,75 L
16,5 52 6 M
16,75 52,8 6,25 M
17 53,5 6,5 N
17,25 54,3 7 O
17,5 55 7,25 O
17,75 56 7,5 P
18 56,8 7,75 P
18,25 57,5 8 Q
18,5 58,3 8,5 R
18,75 59 8,75 R
19 60 9 S
19,25 60,8 9,25 T
19,5 61,5 9,5 T
19,75 62 10 U
20 63 10,25 U
20,5 64,8 10,75 W
21 66 11,5 X
21,5 67,8 12 Y
22 69 12,75 Z