Stichting Mama Alice

These products are mage by the Mamitas of Stichting Mama Alice. When I was 16, I traveled to Peru to do charity work at several projects. One of them was Mama Alice.

Mama Alice Peru is a NGO in Ayacucho, one of the poorest areas of Peru where 75% of the people live in severe poverty. The NGO focusses on homeless children, children from poor families and teenage moms. The projects of Mama Alice focus on education, well-being & care and vocational training. The Mamitas came together to share their experiences and troubles, and grew to be a group of enthusiastic ladies making lovely products by hand.

Stichting Mama Alice ensures a safe working environment and helps the women grow. This way, the Mamitas ensure their own pay, which flows back into their families and with that ensures a more stable environment for the Peruvian children to grow up in.

With the purchase of the items below you support the Mamitas and their families <3 ook de Mamitas en hun gezinnen. <3

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