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How to take care of silver jewellery

When choosing for silver jewellery, you're choosing for sustainabilty: it would be best if even your children or grandchildren can still enjoy your jewels! But of course you'd want the jewellery to still be as pretty as it is now. But how can you do that? I'll share a few tips in order to keep your stash shiny.

Looking dark?

Some love it, some hate it: after a while your shiny silver starts looking darker and darker, until it's almost black. His happens when your jewellery is just laying around, so switching things up and wearing all of them (or okay, in turns is a good option as well) helps a lot! To make sure the dark layer doesn't harm your jewellery, it's best to polish them every now and then. Don't polish too much or too hard, a silver polish cloth is all it takes! Find one here for only €1,-

Losing shine?

Have your jewels lost their va-va-vaaom? (I'm starting to sound like a commercial now) Polishing helps! The shine of silver disappears because the material is being affected by substances like creams and perfume, but also by the oils that are naturally on your skin. Give it a bit of a polish, and your item is back to it's shiny self! Use this special silver cleaning cloth.

Find a good place to hide

Not wearing your jewels? Make sure to keep them in an enclosed box. This way they won't be scratching each other. It's also smart to take off you jewllery before you take a shower, enjoy a bath or go swimming. The water, soap and chlorine do harm silver.

In short:

  • Regularly polish you jewellery with a silver cleaning cloth
  • Avoid contact with perfume, creams or soap
  • Keep your jewellery safe in a closed box when not wearing them
  • Take your jewellery off before taking a shower or bath, or before swimming

I like to polish my jewellery once a month, Taking care of them might take some time every now and then, stashbut it's more than worth it. Your jewellery will stay shiny, last longer Γ‘nd you get a reminder of what beauties are hiding in your stash :)